Session Information and fees

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Couples Therapy. I also provide individual therapy utilizing EMDR therapy. I complete a full initial assessment of your strengths as well as targeting the areas that need improvement. With this assessment we have the information we need to set a course for treatment. I use practical exercises and directives in session, as well as weekly assignments that I sometimes give clients to work on between sessions. I believe that the clients should have a clear sense of the direction of their therapy. I keep a close eye on where you are in terms of goal accomplishment, so that therapy has a course and there is an endpoint in mind from the very beginning. 

I help couples learn ways to improve their relationships. I provide specific tools to deepen friendship and intimacy in your relationship. You will also learn nuts and bolts strategies to productively manage conflicts. You will be given methods to manage solvable problems and open up dialogue about gridlocked issues. My goal is for you to appreciate your relationships strengths and to grow together toward a brighter future.


In exchange for each 60 minute session, my rates are as follows: $175 for the first assessment session (this pertains to couples only), then $125 for an hour of therapy. I accept cash or check, and credit cards. If you need to cancel an appointment I ask for 24 hours notice, otherwise I may need to charge the fee for the session time. .

Here is a breakdown of the initial phase of couples therapy;
-Session #1 will be intake/assessment, gathering the history of your relationship
-Session #2 is an individual session where I will meet with each of you for 30-45min

-Session #3 is the treatment planning session where we discuss results of the assessment phase and set our course for treatment. 

For individual clients, our first session is as assessment session and then from there we determine our goals collaboratively and set our schedule for sessions.
The length of therapy will be determined by your specific needs and goals. In the course of therapy, we will evaluate your progress. I encourage you to raise any questions or concerns that you have at any time.