Discernment Counseling

Additional Information

As a member of the DRI Alliance for Marriage and Divorce Professionals, I am trained to offer discernment counseling. I work with couples between 1-5 sessions to help the couple gain clarity and confidence about how to proceed with their relationship. At the end of the discernment process, the couple will have either decided to end the relationship and move towards divorce or proceed toward a genuine, all out, six month effort at couples therapy. In rare cases, a couple may decided to continue on as they were, but with an increased sense of peace about this path.

This work can be done ONLINE!!!  Please contact me with any question.

Discernment counseling follows a more structured path than typical therapy, following the approach developed by internationally recognized marriage expert William J. Doherty, Ph.D.

For more information, visit discernmentcounseling.com.