Dating to find commitment or marriage

Additional Information:

I am happy to help you with your dating journey. It can be so hard, Whether you are separated, divorced, never married, or widowed. I am a marriage therapist and have seen so many couples over 16 years as a marriage therapist. Let me help you with my skills and expertise.

I am a Gottman therapist and I have created a workshop for the Gottman Institute, which focuses on Singles learning how to be more effective in relationship. This workshop had given me a lot of insight into how you can be effective at dating especially if you have a goal to find a committed partner.

I am single and in the same boat! I have gone through many dating apps and sites and experienced all the same things you are going through.

Since this is a coaching relationship and not therapy I can help you no matter what state you live in. My fees are $125 per hour, but after the initial meeting, we can break that up into 30 min appt's, which would be $62. Some people need full hour appointments for a while, and some can use the 30 min option. I will give you 'homework' and assignments between sessions so we can talk about those in our meetings. 

I can customize your experience and help you on the path to be in a happy committed partnership.